If you've landed here today,

     chances are you're looking

     for some natural solutions.


       If you're searching for answers related to

       nutrition and health, or are wanting to

       eat better and feel better and just need

       some guidance - that's where I come in.


Debbie Brant - Registered Holistic Nutritionist residing in the town of Port Dover, Ontario.
Serving clients in
Norfolk County and Brant County.

I have traveled my own path to wellness, and have learned a great deal through my own health struggles - learning along the way the value of making the right food choices,

getting to the root cause of my symptoms and the importance of bringing my body back into balance. I have spent many hours learning and listening, and many more hours sorting out what

I believe is truth from fad or fiction (there is a lot of information - not everything you read is true).


I've been where you are and I know just how confusing things can be. 


Who do you listen to? What information is accurate? Will you ever feel better? 


I am so grateful to have taken this journey and I am even more excited to be able to

share my knowledge and experience with you. 

No matter where you are in your own health journey, I can help guide you on how to eat well and offer practical lifestyle changes that can set the stage for the months and years ahead.

Specializing in Natural Nutrition as well as Medical Medium information.


Options and Pricing

1 Hour Consultation (for general guidance & nutritional information only) - $75.00 plus HST


Package #1 – $240.00 plus HST
Includes initial 1-2 hour appointment, a second 1 hour appointment with recommendations and

a 45 minute follow up appointment (includes email and text support).

Package #2 - $275.00 plus HST
Includes initial 1-2 hour appointment, a second 1 hour appointment with recommendations and

2 x 45 minute follow up appointments (includes email and text support).

Additional 45 Minute Follow Up Appointments - $50.00 each (plus HST)


Are you following MEDICAL MEDIUM and require assistance implementing his suggestions?

MM Coaching Package - $160.00 plus HST

Includes initial 1-2 hour appointment plus a second 1 hour appointment with recommendations.


Some private or extended health care plans may cover one-on-one nutrition consulting services. 

Many “Flex Plans”or “Health Spending Accounts” allow members to allocate a portion of their 

health insurance funds towards complementary health services.  Please check with your

insurance company to see if your plan includes coverage for 'Holistic Nutrition' services.

 If you do not have third party coverage, your receipts may be used

as a tax deduction for medical expenses.